Monday, February 17, 2020

Pleasant Airways Preliminary Marketing Plan Research Paper

Pleasant Airways Preliminary Marketing Plan - Research Paper Example The proposed airline’s mission is to revolutionize airline industry. As a new establishment, the airline will come with brilliant strategies to help in making the clients to have pleasant experiences while traveling. For a very long time, airline users have been treated to a straining booking and reservation process that has made many people to move from one service provider to another. With the coming of this new airline, no one will ever complain of the quality of services offered by the airline companies. The clients are treated with all the dignity and priority that they deserve. The company will employ a team of well-trained and experience staff to handle clients and treat them in a friendly manner. At the same time, the company will use modern aircrafts manned by experts to ensure that the clients get the only opportunity ever to enjoy and have a comfortable journey. Their safety will be guaranteed (Pinson, 2004).As anew entrant in the airline industry, the company will have to contend the stiff competition in the market. Potential threats will be expected to come from seasoned American airlines such as American Airline, US Airways, Delta Airline, Air Canada, United Airlines, JetBlue Airways and Virgin America Airline. These are established companies that now enjoy a larger share of the market. So, they are the ones who will pose a very stiff competition to this new airline.The strengths of the company are that it will use highly qualified professionals to conduct its operations.

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